Wildland NFPA Approved Gloves


Product Description

  • Flame, heat, cut, and puncture resistant 3.5 oz. to 4.0 oz. Eversoft® cowhide leather with a>28 TPP rating on both glove body and wristlet (NFPA 1977 requirement is>20)
  • Black leather palm on glove wear surface; glove back in gold leather 4″ long double layer knit Kevlar wristlet with leather pull patch on palm side
  • Low impact on hand dexterity; enhancement of grip ability under dry and wet conditions.
  • This glove is made from all USA manufactured fabrics/leather and produced in the USA with a highly skilled work force.
  • This glove is certified to NFPA 1977 by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI).
  • Sizes: Small-2XL

    Colors: Tan/Black

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