Product Description


  • This is a simple “through-the-pump” unit, which is mounted between the discharge and suction side of a pump, is used to educt foam concentrate into hose lines,. It is designed for use on portable forestry pumps, or it can be fitted permanently to skid or slip-on units.
  • Kit includes: eductor, pressure hose, pick-up hose, and two connecting tees” a 1-1/2″ NPSH and a 2″ NPSH: eductor is made of glass-reinforced nylon, and connecting T’s are made of cast aluminum.
  • The eductor is adjustable, thereby permitting various foam percentages to be inducted, dependant on the flow rate of the nozzle(s) being used.
  • This “Around-the-Pump” Foam Eductor/Mixer Kit is a simple and effective way for wildland firefighters to add a foam capability to their equipment.


    3/4″/3gpm GHT Air Aspirating Foam Nozzle
    Item #: 606605

    Fog/Straight Stream Combination Nozzle w/D-Handle
    Item #: 606611
    MX “Foam Maker” Nozzle
    Item #: 606615