Product Description

The 4044 “Revolver” Nozzle is Scotty’s unique answer for the need of a multi-aperature field nozzle. The 4044 can be set on one of four different flow rates, three in a straight stream mode and one in a fan pattern. The pre-set flow rates are 3, 6, 10 and 12gpm. The flow rate is easily changed by rotating the outer barrel to the desired setting. The entire Nozzle is made from glass-reinforced, engineering grade polymer making it lightweight, extremely durable and corrosion proof. The nozzle can be used with Class A or Class B foams, but is not designed to generate the type of bubble structure typical of our air-aspirating foam nozzles. The 4044 Nozzle comes with 1-1/2″ male NPSH threads on the nozzle body.