Product Description


The Ambry Equipment MVP hose pack was invented and patented by a fire fighter, and has been field tested by fire fighters. The MVP hose pack was designed to be safe, ergonomic, multi-functional, comfortable, and easy to use.

The MVP hose pack is safe because firefighters do not have to take their gloves off to deploy hose. It is simple and fast to load and unload because of the “Release and attack” design that allows fire fighters to engage the hose pack with one hand, and unroll hose with the other hand in one motion.

Additionally, the MVP Hose Pack’s “Deploy and charge” design allows fire fighters to fight fire faster because it allows them to grab the second hose with ease. The Ambry MVP Hose pack also allows fire departments the option to add a third hose.

Once the fire is anchored, flanked and pinched, the MVP Hose Pack allows for efficient mop up. With the MVP Hose pack, fire fighters can start mopping immediately because of the utility pouch. The utility pouch is large enough to carry “p-hose” (50’x3/4″), inline tees, hose clamp, gated wyes, and various appliances. There is no need to send fire fighters back to get mop up supplies.

The MVP pack is also Multi-Functional. The pack can be used for other purposes. For example, the MVP pack is able to carry firing devices, lunches, waters, other types of hoses, medical supplies, extra fire supplies, rope, etc.
The MVP Hose Pack is safe and ergonomic because of the big hand straps and clips. Fire Fighters don’t have to take their gloves off. The pack has a thick padded back and padded shoulder straps. The pack was designed to sit on top of the fire fighters line gear. This helps distribute the weight to the shoulders, back, hips, and legs. The pack was designed to sit lower on the back, this helps create a better center of gravity.

Finally, once a fire is mopped up and controlled it is time to break down the hose, and hike it out. The MVP pack has a unique design that allows fire fighters to easily repack “spaghetti hose”.