>>Mini “Through-the-Pump” Foam Eductor/Mixer Kit

Mini “Through-the-Pump” Foam Eductor/Mixer Kit


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Product Description


  • This”Through-the-Pump” Foam Eductor/Mixer Kit was developed for mounting on small portable water pumps with flow rates of 15 gpm or less. Designed to be mounted between the discharge and suction side of a pump, this kit used to educt foam concentrate into hose lines.
    Kit includes eductor, pressure hose, pick-up hose, and two connecting 1-1/2″ NPSH tees”: eductor is made of glass-reinforced nylon and connecting T’s are made of cast aluminum.

  • The eductor is calibrated for preset eduction ratios with settings of: OFF, 0.2, 0.5, 0.7, and 1%.