Product Description

The Scotty 4010-MINI Foam-Fast unit is a kit used to convert a Scotty 4000 Water Hand Pump, or any hand pump with 3/4″ garden hose threads, into a hand pump capable of generating a foam surfactant/ wetting agent. When installed on a hand pump, the 4010-MINI, works by diluting a solid foam cartridge into the water flowing through the pump. The foam/water solution then passes through the patented Scotty 4003 Air-Aspirating Foam Nozzle producing low expansion foam. Each 4010-MINI Foam-Fast unit comes with six foam cartridges.

Each 3″ long foam cartridge will continue to produce foam through four re-fillings of a standard 5 gallon backpack. The foam cartridges are 100% biodegradable and contain no toxic materials. Each 4010-MINI Foam-Fast unit comes with a 5″ long Mixing Chamber, a 3 gpm Air Aspirating Nozzle and six 3″ long foam cartridges.