>>JET-PAC Fireline Meals (10 Pack)

JET-PAC Fireline Meals (10 Pack)


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The Jet-Pac Fire Line Meal is an innovative new field meal requiring zero prep and zero flatware. Everything in the Jet-Pac Meal is truly ready-to-eat – from the entrée to the snacks. Each meal is approximately 1200 calories. We’ve included a variety of shelf-stable pocket sandwiches, plus nut and trail mixes, fruit snacks, and fruit juices. What puts the “Jet” in Jet-Pac? We’ve added a 2 oz energy shot to each meal. Using the 5- Hour Energy shot, the Jet-Pac Meals offer you the extra jump of energy you may need to help you start your shift on the fire line, or to give you the energy you need to complete your fire line duty alert and oriented – A&Ox4 !!

(Each 10 count case contains 2 each of the following shelf-stable pocket sandwich varieties: Bacon & Cheddar, BBQ Beef, BBQ Chicken, Italian Style, and Pepperoni.)

Each Jet-Pac Fire Line Meal contains:
• Shelf-stable pocket-sandwich (rotating variety)
• Granola bar (rotating variety)
• Cookies
• 5-Hour Energy shot
• Fruit pouch (rotating variety)
• Juice pouch (rotating variety)
• Trail mix
• 1200 calories


  • (2) Bacon & Cheddar
  • (2) BBQ Beef
  • (2) BBQ Chicken
  • (2) Italian Style
  • (2) Pepperoni