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Dragon Slayer Wildland Pant Tecasafe Plus 7.0oz


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Product Description

  • NFPA 1977
  • NFPA 70E
  • Certified to comply with CAL/OSHA Regulation 34056(c)(1) Federal test 191 Method 2903.2
  • Tru-Fit micro-adjustable elastic waist band for a custom fit.
  • Diamond-gusseted crotch panel for greater range of motion and reduced chaffing.
  • Wear-Guard patches on inside of cuffs for maximum durability.
  • Engineered cargo pockets prevent snagging
  • Fully adjustable ankle straps keep the dirt out.
  • Super-Fly self-locking, full-metal zipper.
  • Wrangler style front pockets with reinforced patch for clip-knives.
  • Seven oversized belt loops for 2″ web belts.

Waist Sizing

  • SM: 25-28 Waist
  • MED: 29-32 Waist
  • LRG: 33-36 Waist
  • XLRG: 37-40 Waist
  • 2XLRG: 41-44 Waist


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