>>>DR-1 Commander Radio Harness

DR-1 Commander Radio Harness


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DR-1 Commander dual radio chest harness

Communication is vital and the DR-1 Commander will keep your communication gear in the right place at the right time.  Almost a twin to the RCP-1 Pro radio chest harness the DR-1 Commander comes equipped to hold two BK/800 MHz radios.  We incorporated all the RCP-1 Pro features and designs our customers love into the DR-1 Commander to make it the ultimate dual communication radio chest harness.


-Two Main Radio Holsters – Fits Two BK / 800 MHz radios
-Large Wide-Mouth Zipper Close Main Pocket
-Two Internal Pockets within the Main Pocket for Organization
-Fold-Down Platform for Reading/Writing
-Open Air Back Plate Cuts Weight and Allows Airflow
-Writing Tool Pockets
-Adjustable Radio Holsters to Fit Multiple Radio Sizes
-Spare Battery Shell / Cell Phone Pocket
-Hi-Strength Grommets / D-Ring to Secure Extra Gear
-Great Visibility – Reflective Material & Glow Stick Holder
-Removable Mod-u-Lox C-Clip Holds Mini Mag Lite®
-Lifetime Warranty

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