>>>Apex Rechargeable Headlam 450 Lumens

Apex Rechargeable Headlam 450 Lumens

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The Newest Apex Rechargeable takes the durability and power of the original Princeton Tec powerhouse Apex headlamp and offers an option to cut down on battery cost and waste.
The waterproof Apex Rechargeable provides either a powerful spot beam or a bright flood with two big buttons that make switching between modes easy and offers upwards of 90 hours of burntime.  The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack comes clipped to the headstrap and can be moved to your belt or pack with an extended power cable. A USB charging cable comes with the headlamp, making it easy to replenish the Apex Rechargeable battery power.

Included with Apex Rechargeable:
Rechargeable battery
Battery pack bracket
USB charging cable
Extension cable
Nylon headstrap + crown strap
Velcro loop


  • POWER 450 Lumens
  • LAMP 4 Ultrabright LEDs,1 Maxbright LED
  • BURN TIME 90 Hours
  • BATTERIES Lithium Ion Rechargeable
  • WEIGHT 10oz / 283g
    1-3 Weeks to Ship