Product Description

Made from a single layer of 1 3/4″ wide high quality black webbing.

Features the Airlock buckle  –  used in older model aircraft as seat belts; made out of Aluminum blend for lightweight strength.

This belt has a fixed female buckle one one end, and the webbing loops through the male buckle side, then fastens to itself on the INSIDE (must be sized before being buckled). The male hook & loop fastener faces away from your body, so it won’t tear up or pull your expensive nomex.

Available Colors:
Black webbing with silver buckle only

These belts will accommodate a 4″ waist size range.

Small will accommodate a 30″ to 34″ waist size
Medium will accommodate a 34″ to 38″ waist size
Large will accommodate a 38″ to 42″ waist size
XLarge will accommodate a 44″ to 48″ waist size