>>>90G Classic Indian Galvanized Steel Backpack Tank

90G Classic Indian Galvanized Steel Backpack Tank


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Product Description

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  • Five-gallon tank features baffle, outlet with filter screen at bottom, 1″ recessed bottom, and ventilated back rest.
  • Slide action pump is operated by hand.
  • Gasketed cam lock tank cap features a ventilation hole to prevent tank collapse, and is secured to the tank by a 4″ beaded chain.
  • Combination nozzle allows quick change from spray to straight stream.
  • Single-braided, flexible, oil-resistant hose, 1/2″ I.D., 30″ long.
  • Carrying handle has clips for securing pump and holes for attaching removable, 1-3/4″ heavy-duty polypropylene shoulder straps.
  • One strap has clip for attaching pump to your chest.
  • Net Weight: Galvanized – 12 lbs., 5 oz