>>>5400FW Fire Weather Meter Pro WBGT w/ Link

5400FW Fire Weather Meter Pro WBGT w/ Link

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Product Description

What’s new with the Kestrel 5400FW over the Kestrel 5400:

You’ll get all the features and benefits of the lightweight waterless 5400 Heat Stress Meter with a few added benefits for $10 more.

PIG Screen (Probability of Ignition)

FDFM (Fine Dead Fuel Moisture)

* Note the PIG Screen will show the FDFM at the bottom.

Advantage over the Kestrel 3000 & Kestrel 3500FW models: You won’t need to calibrate this meter! NK/Kestrel stand by this and other 5000 series models to hold calibration within drift for 5 years.

Replacing a Sling Psychrometer with a Kestrel is a huge step in time saving and accuracy. Some have struggled to take this leap and we wrote this quick Kestrel vs. Sling article that may answer questions of accuracy.

RH (Relative Humidity)

Accuracy: +/- 2%RH

Sensors: 10 to 90% 25°C non-condensing

Calibration Drift: Typically less than +/- 0.25% per year!

Calibration: With the new 5000 series (any) technology, the need to calibrate the RH is highly unlikely. Kestrel will stand by the RH for 5 years, and will adjust it within that 5 years if needed. Kestrel will repair, recalibrate or replace any defective product within the warranty period. “Defective” includes measurements outside of our accuracy spec plus stated drift.

To achieve stated accuracy, unit must be permitted to equilibrate to external temperature when exposed to large, rapid temperature changes and be kept out of direct sunlight. The Kestrel 5400 Fire Weather Pro WBGT is an all in one heat safety meter and weather station. Lightweight, waterless, and easy to use, the unit offers quick set-up with the included vane mount to become a complete weather station capable of logging weather conditions and critical heat safety information.

The Kestrel 5400FW also provides WBGT monitoring for training exercises, helping to prevent personnel injury or fatalities from heat exposure. With the use of LiNK wireless connectivity, the Fire Weather Pro WBGT with LiNK seamlessly sends current and logged weather conditions and heat safety alerts directly to your mobile device, keeping you and your crew informed, prepared and safe.

Works with iPhone/iPad and Android/Tablets. Flashing LED Light

Loud Beeping Alarm

The Kestrel 5400 is revolutionary in size, cost and capability for those in need of measuring Heat Stress.

Along with having a Wet Bulb Global Temperature reading, the Kestrel 5400 displays thermal work limit (“TWL”), another recognized composite heat stress prediction tool. For both WBGT and TWL, the Kestrel 5400 provides on-screen alarms when conditions enter the caution and danger zones, providing clear and immediate guidance that heat illness prevention steps must be taken.

Clothing levels can also be customized, making the Kestrel 4400 particularly useful in activities requiring heavy protective gear which worsens heat stress. The Kestrel 5400 also displays natural wet bulb temperature, and black globe temperature.

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