Why Our Ranger Revolution is the best there is...

After reading through our specs, you will see that we truly did our homework and have selected the best and lightest possible equipment to build our UTV skids with, since weight is so crucial on these small units.

  • The integrated Ranger body/water tank combines the best of traditional Fire/Rescue systems - it keeps the center of gravity down, allows for extra storage space, and keeps the unit weight at a minimum
  • Our revolutionary design in mounting the pump below the tank allows water to constantly flood the pump cavity so drafting is almost never necessary.
  • Our pumps are all lightweight - 20 lbs at most. They each have a clutch which allows you to idle them, saving fuel without losing prime or wasting water, and on top of all that, they are Quick Detachable for use at a remote location.
  • Our custom designed Stainless Steel manifold eliminates the confusing tangle of hoses and valves, and puts everything within reach.
  • Our 28lb Steel Eagle hose reel is lightweight and durable, plus the bonus of rust-free stainless steel and Nylon - Can't beat that.
  • Our Boostlite reel hose in 3/4" comes in at only 18 lbs per 100 ft - by far lighter than rubber, and even has field repairable couplings should you spring a leak.
  • 5 gallon foam cell and state-of-the-art Scotty Foam-Fast systems are also available.
  • The best part of our skids is that all of the plumbing is done in Stainless Steel. No Rust. No maintenance.
  • The Victim Extraction Option allows for quick, safe transportation from the most rugged terrain. Our design carries the victim more safely than any other system with his or her head in the ranger cab for the most protection, and for constant vitals monitoring
  • Other options include: 2 or 4 stroke pumps, multiple size discharges, brass or stainless steel dropout valves, 3/4" to 1 1/2" water/foam nozzles, hose trays, LED light packages and scene lights, and much much more.

    Basically, we dare you to compare!!