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Bargain Basement

Brushmaster Nomex Jacket w/ Triple Trim
Item #496004
MSRP: 199.99 Your Price: 99.99

Brushmaster Nomex Pant w/ Triple Trim
Item #496003
MSRP: 179.99 Your Price: 99.99

Brown Advance 7oz Wildland Pant
Item #496011
MSRP: 269.99 Your Price: 189.99

Brown Advance 7oz Wildland Pant w/ Triple Trim
Item #496012
MSRP: 299.99 Your Price: 199.99

Wildland Nomex Shirt (Closeout)
Item #496005
MSRP: 119.00 Your Price: 75.00

Closeout Wildland Fire Overpants
Item #010301-Closeout
MSRP: 175.00 Your Price: 90.00

Closeout: Nomex Coverall w/ Triple Trim
Item #496006
MSRP: 258.00 Your Price: 119.99

Khaki Nomex Overjacket W/ Triple Trim
Item #496009
MSRP: 199.99 Your Price: 99.99

Khaki Nomex Overpants w/ Triple Trim
Item #496010
MSRP: 199.99 Your Price: 99.99

Item #020202-G1
MSRP: 139.95 Your Price: 109.99

Item #020269-G1
MSRP: 164.99 Your Price: 149.99

2016 FIREFLY™ EMT Pack
Item #020212-G1
MSRP: 234.95 Your Price: 209.99

2016 Dozer Chest Pack
Item #030221-G1
MSRP: 45.99 Your Price: 38.99

Phoenix Line Pack

Phoenix Line Pack
Item #020617
MSRP: 289.99 Your Price: 255.00

MSA Cap-Style Helmet White
MSRP: 66.56 Your Price: 40.00

Closeout: Advance Gov't Style Pant-Pale Green
Item #019201-LP
MSRP: 255.00 Your Price: 239.00

Closeout: Advance Gov't Style Pants-Khaki
Item #019201-KH
MSRP: 255.00 Your Price: 239.00

Closeout: Advance Gov't Style Pants-Spruce Green
Item #019201-SP
MSRP: 255.00 Your Price: 239.00

Closeout: Government Style Traditional Nomex BDU Pants
Item #019202
MSRP: 164.00 Your Price: 137.00

True North Alpha Fleece Jacket- Yellow
Item #FR010291-Yellow
MSRP: 239.99 Your Price: 122.99

True North Nomex Fleece Briteline Jacket
Item #FR010291-OR
MSRP: 189.99 Your Price: 90.00

American Firewear Gloves
Item #120402
MSRP: 34.99 Your Price: 19.99

5500 Weather Meter-LAST ONE!
Item #151407
MSRP: 364.00 Your Price: 309.00

Body Glide Anti-Blister Bar

Body Glide Anti-Blister with Sunscreen Bar
Item #190002
MSRP: 8.99 Your Price: 8.99

WamFx Muscle Activator Bar
Item #190003
MSRP: 8.99 Your Price: 8.99

Scout - Tac-Fire Utility Light (65 Lumens)
Item #114704
Your Price: 51.99

Dual Compliant Stationwear Pants
Item #010308
MSRP: 191.00 Your Price: 199.00

1in x 100ft Key Fire Hose CLOSEOUT-White
Item #623602
MSRP: 129.00 Your Price: 99.00

Storz Adapter 2" Female NPSH to Storz (65)
Item #Storz-NPSH
Your Price: 50.00

Fire Pro Line Pack

Fire Pro Line Pack
Item #020605
MSRP: 155.00 Your Price: 142.99

Donut Roll Hose Pack (ONE LEFT)
Item #620226
MSRP: 109.95 Your Price: 95.00

Closeout: 9" Firefighting Boot With Removable Zipper Kitly
Item #072103
MSRP: 279.99 Your Price: 279.99

Shoe In Open Toe
Item #072110-OT
MSRP: 24.99 Your Price: 26.99

Shoe In Closed Toe
Item #072111- CT
MSRP: 24.99 Your Price: 26.99

Demo Coverall w/ Triple Trim
Item #Demo Coverall Med
MSRP: 233.00 Your Price: 99.00

True North Spitfire Replacement bag
Item #TR Replacement Spitfire
MSRP: 109.99 Your Price: 89.99

Sawyer Style Helmet
Item #MSA Closeout
MSRP: 69.99 Your Price: 35.00

Coverall w/ Triple Trim Demo
Item #LrgOrgDemoCov
MSRP: 223.00 Your Price: 99.00

Toy Hose Pack (Demo)
Item #ToyHoseDemo
MSRP: 19.99 Your Price: 9.99

Clearview Sleeping Pad 25" x 78"
Item #314803-WL
MSRP: 89.99 Your Price: 63.99

Item #122201
MSRP: 6.49 Your Price: 6.49

Closeout: Adventure First Aid .5 Kit
Item #190915
Your Price: 7.99

Item #020257
Your Price: 36.99

2016 Coaxsher 700ci Spotter Pack Module, Pack Not Included
Item #024606
MSRP: 39.99 Your Price: 37.50

SideKick Engine/Dozer Add-On Bag

SideKick Engine/Dozer Add-On Bag
Item #050620
Your Price: 36.99

Il Doppio Double Radio Harness

Il Doppio Double Radio Harness
Item #030630
MSRP: 45.99 Your Price: 40.00

Hands Free GPS Harness

Thielsen Hands Free GPS Harness
Item #050624
MSRP: 25.99 Your Price: 24.00

Solo1 Large Radio holder

Solo1 Large Radio holder
Item #030621
Your Price: 18.99

Small Padded Case

Thielsen Small Padded Case
Item #050626
MSRP: 13.99 Your Price: 12.00

Flagging Tape Dispenser

Thielsen Flagging Tape Dispenser
Item #050616
MSRP: 15.99 Your Price: 14.00

Notepad Case

Thielsen Notepad Case
Item #050628
MSRP: 15.99 Your Price: 14.00


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